The Marketplace stirs Delhi Food Scene by a striking social media impression curated by Dreamjar’s Social Media Team

The Marketplace stirs Delhi Food Scene by a striking social media impression curated by Dreamjar’s Social Media Team

With a vision to bring flavors from all around the world under one roof, the Marketplace chose the capital as its base & entrusted the Dreamjar Studios with its branding & social media management

Dreamjar Studios designed their brand identity and placed them as one of the finest buffet restaurants in Delhi NCR. It conceptualized a unique, playful and out of the box brand language that highlighted the origin of all the cuisines from different parts of the world in an interesting way. The brand logo for TMP was created in the shape of a location pin to depict how they serve the world on their plate.

The restaurateur Shivam Sehgal wanted to create an engaging brand impression which resonated with people of all age slabs from children to teenagers and adults. He says, ‘The Marketplace is a place like no other where food from different regions enjoys its own space and significance. It is a place for family & friends where everybody can come together and celebrate the little moments of life with the food of their choice.’
The design & social media team has created a captivating identity that entices the customers towards the brand with its perky colors, offbeat messaging & meaningful appearance.

The social media handles reflect the brand essence in every single creative & establish TMP as the to-go place for food lovers.
The restaurant builds a relationship with the viewers by becoming their friend for all things tasty and fun.

Post a huge launch event that grasped the attention of the city with vibrant colors & a warm first impression, the digital media team has built a strong presence on Facebook with over 8k+ organic likes & Instagram with 2k+ followers using organic content in the mere course of 6 months. It brings a refreshing twist to the monotonous tone of restaurant branding and carries a multi-faceted approach which covers all the important aspects of the brand- from their diverse kitchens & food range to festivals and notable events to attract the audience.  The viewers take a trip across the globe with over 11 live kitchens and cuisines at The Marketplace and its essence is reflected on its social media accounts, created, conceptualized & curated by Dreamjar.

Restaurants run with a prime aim to serve their food to as many people as possible, Dreamjar took to announce the launch of The Marketplace with designs sprouting from different regions of the world and covering intricate details that make a viewer remember those places. For instance, Brooklyn Bridge Diner, the American cuisine counter is inspired by the colors of America and its ever-famous diners. The logo sports Red, White and Blue from the country’s flag with a contemporary yet chic style of typography that clearly marks the territory of the live kitchen.
The pre-launch depicted how The Marketplace serves the best of world cuisine and culture by amalgamating food in the TMP pin logo and communicated that something big is on its way with some new-age 3D designs.

The customers are free to choose from a wide variety of food delicacies at TMP, keeping this as the core message, Dreamjar customized an exclusive individual identity for all the live kitchens. The launch of The Marketplace welcomed the guests to the venue with huge hoardings having human illustrations and quirky patterns to make them stop, stare & think about the brand.

The social media campaigns are classic, thoughtful, young & witty. They bring people together and trigger ‘oh that’s so me’ or ‘that’s my favorite dish’ kind of response, & especially target the millennials that govern the social space.

According to Dreamjar Studios, You are the hero of TMP and fun is the superpower which makes their food stand apart, which is illustrated by making the TMP Pin in a human form. The team left no stone unturned to highlight the crucial events on social media such as IPL, Mother’s day, Father’s day, The Grand Game of Thrones series, World Hunger Day and so on.
Hungry yet? Head to The Marketplace today.

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