Meet the core squad that is stupid enough to believe in magic & smart enough to make that happen.

  • 'He delves into your mind.'

    creative gaga , india's top design mag

  • 'His colour speaks energy.'

    david lloyd, creator, v for vendetta

  • Work that is exciting, fun & impactful - all at the same time.'

    dan parent, GLAAD award winning writer & illustrator, archie comics

  • 'Amazing, amazing talent.'

    sana amanat, editor, marvel entertainment

  • 'One in a million.'

    his mom, most important

Siddharth Kalra, Creative Director

A Head Full of Dream    /    With a curious mind and creative approach, Siddharth set off on his design journey back in 2011. He believes there’s a disguised learning in every encounter of each passing day. A silver lining hunter, Siddharth loves to collect stories from the places he visits, and the same plethora of stories is reflected in his work, as well as his understanding of people and emotions. Dreamjar wasn’t just a planned effort, but a dream in its purest form. He understood the relevance of having an exclusive space for brainstorming and working on ideas and transformed this revelation into a successful creative design and advertising consultancy in 2015.

In a brief but heavy career span, Siddharth has beautifully managed to take global brands to new horizons, as well as given a powerful identity to new organisations.

He has almost magically turned companies into brands, winning both hearts and awards.

Somesh Jagga, Principal

The Visionary of the Future    /    Started his journey in Digital Marketing from his dorm room. Since then, he has been on a mission to deliver value to businesses through his high-performance marketing campaigns. He has the unparalleled ability to step into clients' shoes and create solutions that deliver beyond expectations.

Being the guiding light for Dreamjar, he drives the global acquisition of clients & manages the teams responsible for Digital Marketing & Business Development.

Works from the Adelaide office, Somesh has commercial interests in Sports Tours & Technology.

Our superheroes sell dreams for a living

Harshit Dhamija

Head of Operations

The Food for Thought     /     The man behind the Art at Dreamjar, Harshit is a design enthusiast who believes in striking the right balance between Art and Design. He spends countless hours in understanding and practicing different design techniques, bringing the most unimaginable ideas to life. His distinctive choice of projects and dedication towards creating effective designs do complete justice to his decisions.

He loves to try out different cuisines in his day to day life and his selective taste in design appropriately manifests his different habits. Having given form and life to brands like Carlsberg, Tuborg, Fem, Dabur and Borges while working at Saatchi & Saatchi, Harshit later joined Dreamjar, aspiring to bring in change and revolution to the world of advertising and brand development.

Tanushree Vij

Manager of Operations + Content Developer

The Custodian of Word & Order     /     With an excessive urge of penning things down, Tanushree’s habits of writing stories, reading literature and making notes lead her to become a writer. Apart from sipping coffee and staying up all night, she also loves to keep things in order and managing them in a structured manner.

After a fair share of experience in mass communication, she understood the importance of creative flexibility and became a part of Dreamjar.

Disha Sethi

Head of Design

The Breathing Colour Palette     /     Reflecting her happy- go-lucky personality and undying love for colours in her work, Disha brings the element of pop to the team. Currently spearheading Visual Communication at Dreamjar, she always had an interest in existant patterns, signages and visual imagery existing around the world.

Experimental-but-focused, is the ideology she follows in her work.

Vipul Sachdeva

3D Ninja

The Dimension of Art     /     With an idea of creating a world that doesn't really exist, and transforming his bend towards visuals into his passion for photography, Vipul brings art works to life with his 3D design skills.

He is continually intrigued by various art forms and loves to accumulate stories from across the world.

He is an inspired traveller, a hardcore football enthusiast and a wholehearted foodie.

Chirantan Khastgir

Chief Ideator

The Bulb of Creativity     /     His interest in the after-life, and eye for detail sets him a class apart. Chirantan wants to create a world of his own where every action has a just reason and every spoken word bears a meaning.

He loves to play with colours, the camera is his best friend, music is his ultimate answer to all the problems and his words are his armour. His interest in literature, history and the evolution of mankind reflects in his honest and crisp writings. He is Dreamjar’s go-to person for mind-boggling punchlines and breakthrough brand campaigns.