ZIOX joins the big league of big electronics brands in India with Futuristic Branding by Dreamjar.

ZIOX joins the big league of big electronics brands in India with Futuristic Branding by Dreamjar.

With a mission to change the world with Technology and bring people closer with seamless communication, Ziox has been continually working towards electronic innovation since 2014.

It has built an unmatchable place in the electronic and telecommunication industry and has gained the trust of thousands of customers from all the rural and urban areas of India.

Ziox believes in making user-friendly technology that is easily accessible and approachable and at the same time opens the gates of the future for its customers.

India is continually excelling in the science and technology sector and gives a fair competition to the biggest nations of the world. Ziox taps the fastest growing needs of people in the country and builds products that make living easier. The brand wanted to diversify its reach in the market through social media and an all-inclusive website that transparently informs people about their grand electronic range. It also wanted a never-seen-before packaging for all its products and gave the mandate to Dreamjar Studios.
Dreamjar Studios created a brand new identity for Ziox and gave it a forward-looking and futuristic look with extremely flexible and modern designs to highlight the brand’s offerings for youngs and adults alike.
The visual conceptualization team gave a colorful and peppy twist to the brand’s product packaging and reflected a modern essence through its social media and website.

Each concept created for Ziox is carefully thought of and has the perfect blend of product promotion and public interaction. The social media handles are lively and informative with a story behind each post. The website is smart and accessible. It gives a complete view about all the products and can easily adapt the ever-evolving customer demands with time.

Each product category is brilliantly distinct- you know what you’re buying in a single look at the social media posts and website details.
Dreamjar intelligently crafted a ‘one-stop-solution’ image for the brand which attracted more and more customers towards the brand and resulted in positive sales.

There’s an instant curiosity to know more about the products with the sleek, classy and futuristic tone of all the social media creatives. You directly feel the need to know more about the products.

The designs are super stylish, unique and interactive on Ziox’s Instagram and Facebook handles with some great follower count, organic likes and brand visibility.

Dreamjar pours luxury in the friendly brand that is Ziox.
The website puts enough focus on each product category with a witty use of colors, key USP points and product imagery. Its visual language is young and outgoing, rich and modern, simple and direct. It makes any association with Ziox powerful and long-lasting. The viewers get a reason to come back to the brand time and again and the brand’s driving force that is value for money, is well-reflective in the overall communication.

The brand enjoys a premium and playful identity with the right amount of colors and style.

The product packaging makes the viewer want to own the products, the light-hearted yet unique posts on social media keep the audience engaged with the brand and the website tells the tales of all the offerings of Ziox and smoothens the purchasing process for the prospective customers.

Want to own the best of futuristic gadgets and make your life simpler and smarter? Check out the diverse range of electronic products by Ziox.

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