Dreamjar Studios sets Premium Optical Store trending on Digital

Dreamjar Studios sets Premium Optical Store trending on Digital

Dayal Opticals wears time on its skin with its age-old legacy in the eyewear business.

It has built its empire since 1961 and has been enjoying its fair share of trust & goodwill for over 58 years now. 

Today, India’s eyewear segment has been converted into one of the fastest growing retail sectors in the country and Dayal Opticals plays a major role in this constructive change.
The brand wanted to highlight its vast range of glasses and expand its horizon in the virtual market. Its collection is one of a kind and almost exclusive to its stores. Name an international brand, and you get it at Dayal Opticals.

Dreamjar Studios transformed its brand identity and gave it a new modish look with its dynamic designs and built a classy, sophisticated and top-notch brand impression through social media.

The visual conceptualization team retained the essence of Dayal Opticals by highlighting its products in a very smart & elegant way. They carefully color coded the designs according to what’s trending on social media, ongoing seasons and product detailing. They also made a smart choice of using real time models and celebrities endorsing the brands available at the DO in their artworks.

The brand curates its collection from around the globe and Dreamjar marketed it as the finest in the industry for everybody’s premium eyewear needs.

They also built a ‘have-it-all’ image for the brand which is largely responsible for attracting the people towards making a positive choice.

You almost feel on top of the world with the larger than life creatives floating on DO’s Instagram and Facebook Handles with the follower count, organic likes, reach and brand visibility increasing by the day.

Dreamjar illustrates, ‘Wearing the eyewear collection from Dayal Opticals is no less than a luxury statement of its own. You buy a piece of art, when you buy an eye gear from the brand.’
The social media designs shout how every design is unique and absolutely necessary to make a long lasting impression. The visual language is sophisticated, elite and outgoing. It lets you make the best choice for yourself by choosing Dayal Opticals over any other ordinary optician. It crafts how Dayal Opticals gives value for the money of its customers with the premium designs on display.

The brand experimented with a spectrum of colors and whilst keeping the posh factor alive with the use of blacks, greys, silvers and goldens, Dreamjar also made the brand fun & reachable with light-hearted colors.

The thoughtful mix of posts included discount offers, festive posts, promotional videos and GIFs to keep the viewers hooked to their social media & diversify the impact of Dayal Opticals.

Want to upgrade your eyewear collection with world-class brands? Dayal Opticals is your place to go.    

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