Chef & Co. cooks up a storm with their new Brand Identity.

Chef & Co. cooks up a storm with their new Brand Identity.

The capital of India is a diverse province with a variety of people residing in different parts of the city. Chef and Co. is a cloud delivery kitchen in South Delhi that wanted to make its mark in the food business and handed the license to kill with a long-lasting impression to Dreamjar Studios.
Chef & Co. is a venture of young-minded, modern at heart entrepreneurs who want to do something different whilst staying true to the authentic flavors of their kitchen.
To achieve this, Dreamjar Studios broke the barriers of conventional rich marketing and filled the brand with a breath of fresh air. Their primary idea revolved around coloring luxury in every cuisine served by the brand. The designers experimented with a different yet supreme purple to carve a unique and classy look. The visual language ditched the usual blacks and goldens of grandeur and used intricate patterns with food iconography in a maze-like form to make the dishes stand out in a gripping way. The generic attention span in people lasts only 3-5 seconds and humans are visual creatures- Dreamjar wittily catered this aspect of human psyche in their branding and worked towards making a grand impact with a top-notch look and feel.

Chef & Co. enjoys a one of a kind, playful and premium character with a sense of accessible mystery where people can look at their favorite foods at a glance and also feel curious with the intelligent use of geometric pattern in the designs.

The brand logo of Chef & Co. is crisp, direct and to the point.  The major communication for the brand is done by the food icons surrounding the firm logo which symbolises the huge variety of food available at the cloud kitchen.
The branding is not only appealing but also thoughtfully layered in sync with the mindset of the initiators of Chef & Co.

According to Dreamjar Studios, customers love attention and willingly engage themselves with brands that make them feel special. Chef & Co. gives the viewers a preferential treatment by providing them with the best in the market. They feel a sense of accomplishment in associating with the brand and march towards a positive decision almost instantly.

Are you on a lookout for a place that serves nothing but the best and takes care of everybody’s food interests? Chef & Co. is the perfect cloud outlet that satisfies your wishes right on the go and at your doorstep.

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