Why mindless ‘Modern Thinking’ is catastrophic for your brand

Why mindless ‘Modern Thinking’ is catastrophic for your brand

The question businesses ask their Marketing consultants, Agencies and Gurus is what they can do to catch up with the Digital Marketing Trend, and this FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) of business owners is the ripe opportunity for most consultants to use scare tactics and overload their clients with hundreds of ways of marketing a brand digitally.

While there is no harm in leveraging power of the modern digital marketing to reach your customers, in fact that is currently the most effective form of marketing. The issue is the way we start planning it. In the last 1o years of running a marketing agency, I have been asked the same question umpteen times that what can I do to ‘Get my brand out on Social Media?’. I usually tell them to go back to the marketing 101 and start thinking about your customer, their needs, and how your product or service satisfy the needs of your customer or solve their problem. And find the strongest message possible that your brand can deliver before you even think of media you are going to use to distribute that message

I insist business owners to consider a 360 degree approach when it comes to finding a channel to market their businesses, and then focus on delivering the same message through all the channels they activate. The time has proved that a strong message delivered million times is better than million messages delivered once. There is a reason we associate ‘The Ultimate Driver’s Machine’ with BMW and ‘The Spirit of Australia’ with Qantas because they knew their Audience, their product and the message they wanted to deliver. And they went on to just deliver it through every possible channel of communication.


Marketing has been used from the primitive age and the core principles of marketing remain same, just the ways we go about campaigning has evolved and changed over years. So, shake off the FOMO and go back to the classic thinking and use the modern ways to tell your customers that you mean business. And do not forget to use the biggest X factor of any successful marketing campaignThe Common Sense.

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